About Chefalytics


Chefalytics' mission is to optimize quality and operational performance of foodservice businesses globally.


Our starting point is a tool that helps chefs create high quality weekly production plans that:

Born in Catering, Forged in Lean Operations

Chefalytics started as a series of tools we began to build for ourselves at Bite Catering Couture to help us handle the complexity of our own events and improve the work environment, quality, and profitability of our kitchen.

We leverage the research/ principles of lean operations developed by Henry Ford and made famous by William Deming and Toyota in its Toyota Production System. Did you know that Ford's early innovations cut the time required to make things by 75% or more?


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Our values:

About Lean

Lean is a proven methodology with roots in Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line - where he was able to improve productivity by 4X what it was in the old way. Edward Deming helped to further the methodology and brought it to Japan, where Toyota adapted the methodology to the Toyota Production System and used it to transform from a sewing machine company to the top automaker in the world.

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