Benchmark yourself against other caterers

Ever wonder how your catering operation compares to others? Now's your chance to find out -- Chefalytics is offering the opportunity to get a free benchmarking report...and you may even win a prize!

Why would I want to take the time to benchmark?

In a catering company there are so many things going on and so many ideas to follow up on. As an owner, at times I've found it overwhelming and it can be impossible to tell where an initiative that sounds good is going to yield real results.

By benchmarking you get the information to tell you how you perform relative to others. This matters in that it allows you to understand what "good" is, including things like:

  • How much can a good salesperson sell?
  • What equipment do other people have in the kitchen?
  • If I upgrade my website, how many leads might I get?
  • Do I have the right mix of full time employees and part-timers/ on-call?

Benchmarking will tell you where you sit relative to others to begin giving you some information that tells you that you're the leading edge in the catering industry vs. there are some obvious things where you can get great return just by getting to industry average

Talk to others about your results!

Following the benchmarking survey, you'll be invited to participate in discussions with others, where you can share as much or little of your results as you want and learn from others while sharing what you know!

Win a prize for knowing where you stand!

We're excited to launch the benchmarking survey following Catersource. To add to the fun, we're offering a prize to the 3 people who are the closest their company's percentiles are the closest. Sign up for more details.

Catering Benchmarking Survey - flyer

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