Our Purpose

Chefalytics started when our Los Angeles catering company started building tools for ourselves -- we hope they'll be of benefit to others as well!

Chefalytics brings lean operations to caterers and restaurants

Chefalytics exists to bring lean operations to catering companies and restaurants, starting in the kitchen. We offer a mix of concept/ theoretical background in conjunction with software tools that embed lean thinking - enabling organizations of all sizes to benefit without spending a lot of time in academic exercises.

Why should I care about lean operations?

In a nutshell, lean will help you run a better, more profitable business. From our experience, somewhere between 5-10% of revenue is waste that can be removed within a year of utilizing a lean operations model. In a typical catering company or restaurant making between 5-10% profit margins, this means you could double your profits.

More specifically, lean will help you run a tighter business in a couple of ways

About Lean

Lean is a proven methodology with roots in Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line - where he was able to improve productivity by 4X what it was in the old way. Edward Deming helped to further the methodology and brought it to Japan, where Toyota adapted the methodology to the Toyota Production System and used it to transform from a sewing machine company to the top automaker in the world.

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